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    Social Events
    Given that Mayslake Peabody Estate is both a National Historic Landmark and a venue for public programming, we take pride in protecting this one-of-a-kind property and serving our visitors. We are honored by your interest in hosting an event at Mayslake Peabody Estate and look forward to helping you understand how, as a client, you will be asked to join in our stewardship of this local and national treasure. From weddings and art exhibits to film shoots and theater productions, Mayslake Peabody Estate is committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction.

    Whether you are planning your company meeting, retreat or presentation. Mayslake Hall offers a unique and stimulating environment. We are able to accommodate small groups of 10 or larger groups up to 200. We can also offer additional event services such as coffee and tea breaks for your meetings.

    Mon-Fri - < 20 people            $75 (2 hour rental) / $150 (4 hour rental)
    Non-Profit                                $25 (2 hour rental) / $50 (4 hour rental)
    Mon-Fri - 20-65 people         $150 (2 hour rental) / $275 (4 hour rental)
    Non-Profit                                $50 (2 hour rental) / $100 (4 hour rental)
    Mon-Fri - 66-200 people       $500 (4 hour rental)
    Non-Profit                               $175 (4 hour rental)


    Prices Subject to Change


    Commemorative Brick
    The Mayslake Commemorative Brick Program provides the public with a permanent momento of a special date, event, person or group.  A Commemorative Brick makes a wonderful gift, as purchasers of this keepsake are considered donors.  Many couples purchase a brick as a remembrance of their wedding day and incorporate the placement of the brick into their wedding ceremony. 
    Please fill out a Commemorative Brick order form.

    Portiuncula Chapel


    The Portiuncula Chapel was built in 1926, in memory of Francis Stuyvesant Peabody at the request of his widow and son Jack. It was originally located on the spot where Peabody suffered a heart attack and died during a drag hunt. It is a replica of the Portiuncula Chapel in Assisi, Italy, which takes its name from the “little portion” of land where St. Francis received his call to serve the poor. The front features a colorful stone mosaic of St. Francis receiving the Portiuncula Indulgence. Both F. S. Peabody and his son Jack were interred under the Chapel.

    Over the years, nature and vandalism took its toll on the deteriorating structure. After the land the chapel was situated on was sold in 1974, the chapel was moved and rebuilt at its present location. Following the sale of the property to the DuPage County Forest Preserve District in 1993, the bodies of Francis and Jack Peabody were moved, together with all the friars, to Queen of Heaven Cemetery in Hillside.

    Seating Capacity
    The chapel itself seats 62. However, two sets of large double doors may be opened to allow additional guests seated outside to witness the ceremony. Outdoor ceremonies are available for 100 + guests. The Event Hall, Library and Living Room are also available.


    Fees are for a four-hour rental to include set-up time:
    Chapel Only                   $550
    (62 seated)
    Chapel and Grounds  $750
    (100 seated)

    Prices Subject to Change

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    Mayslake Hall

    Mayslake Hall includes the original Solarium, the Library with its oak-paneled walls and oversized fireplace, the Living Room, and Dining Room. These rooms are available for rental as one unit or separate spaces. The Hall is perfect for wedding receptions, showers, rehearsal dinners, birthdays, cocktail parties, holiday celebrations and more. The Library with its natural stage is perfect for presentations and theater. We also offer tours of the mansion for you and your guests at a nominal additional cost.

    Seating Capacity
    Our events coordinator will be happy to discuss all the possibilities with you and assist in making your day a success.

    Four-hour rental.
    Additional hours are available.

    (Call for classes/performance rates)

    Mayslake Hall:

    Mon-Thurs           $800
    Non-Profit            $250
    Fri-Sun                 $1,100
    Non-Profit            Call

    Library or Dining Room Event:

    Mon-Thurs            $425
    Non-Profit             $150
    Fri-Sun                  $550
    Non-Profit             $200

    Library/Living Room Event:

    Mon-Thurs             $600
    Non-Profit              $200
    Fri-Sun                   $800
    Non-Profit              $250

    Grounds Event:
    (Price depends on group size. Call for details.)

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    Prices Subject to Change

    Event Hall

    The Event Hall at the Mayslake Peabody Estate was the former chapel in the retreat wing built by the Franciscans in the 1950s. The Event Hall is now a Non-denominational space and has beautiful stained-glass windows with towering ceilings. Today the Hall is used for numerous events. NOTE: The Event Hall is heated, but not airconditioned.

    Four-hour rental.
    Additional hours are available.

    (Call for classes/performance rates)

    Event Hall
    Mon-Thurs              $675
    Non-Profit               $225
    Fri-Sun                    $1,250
    Non-Profit               Call

    Prices Subject to Change

    Still have questions?
    Try our Rental FAQ for more information.

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